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Unknown Error Number 13 (IWP)

Question asked by tgilders on Jun 22, 2009
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Unknown Error Number 13 (IWP)

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Does anyone know if there is a definitive resolution to the IWP "Unknown Error Number 13" problem, or if FM Server 10 has addressed this differently than FMS 8 and 9? (don't know if 7 was affected)

Remarkably, I cannot find anything on FileMaker's Knowledgebase about this issue.

These two threads are what I found so far, the most comprehensive is from 2006!


I'm using FileMaker Server on Windows 2003 Server SP2 in a 2 machine configuration. (IIS and WPE together)

We're also using the FMDataGuard audit logging plug-in which requires a calculated validation, which could be compounding the problem. (as the issue seems to be related to field level validation).

Any information is greatly appreciated.