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Unknown IP Address

Question asked by jameshoty on Mar 11, 2013


Unknown IP Address

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     Recently I was configuring to tun on the web services on my MBP v10.8.2 following some guidelines in the Apple community. And eventually, it was setup successfully. The test to http://localhost or returns 

     It works!

     and http://localhost/~shortname or returns 

     My site works! 


     As the web server is ready, I proceed with my FileMaker server installation and the installation went on smoothly and the test to open the app on the server via my iOS devices, Safari are successfuly. 


     The "shocking" part comes when I try to remote open the file via the FileMaker Pro client (the IP address of the FMSA shows and still I am able to open the remote DB.


      preview  preview


     And I tried and it returns 

     It works!


     I am running FM Pro Advance together with FMSA (developer version) and my local netwok is 192.168.x.x. I have exhausted my troublshooting and have no idea where does this "extra" IP address come from?