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    Unshare a hosted file



      Unshare a hosted file

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      I have Filemaker Server 8 and am sharing about 8 databases. I want to detach a database and send it to a remote employee to use as a standalone database. Every time I copy it or save a copy as another name it continues to update the original shared file as well. Any help on removing this database/file from the server is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          By your description, it sounds like your copied file has external data source references that are being used to modify data in your hosted files.

          Check to see what you have for external data sources. I skipped from 5.5 to 10, so I don't know how different 8.5 is, but using 10 as a point of reference, open Manage | External Datasources and see if you have any refrences that directly refer to a hosted file on your server.


          You might even temporarily unplug your computer from the network and test your scripts to see which ones trigger a file not found error message.