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    Unsupported script step



      Unsupported script step

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      I'm trying to execute a Script on Filmaker Server using scheduled ScriptMaker task and I'm receiving Error 643 BLADE1 Schedule "aaa" aborted; unsupported script step.


      The script imports some fields into database, I have tested to reduce the script to the minimum to isolate the error, the only step is now "Import", no associated files, no specifiying fields, and receive same error.


      Any help?

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          Did you check the "perform without dialog option"? This script step is server compatible only if you've set it up to run without popping up a dialog box.


          Hint: When working with a server side script, select "server" from the show compatibility menu in the lower left corner of your script editor. Now all incompatible script steps will show as grey.

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               by select "server" do you mean select "web compatibility"? I'm using FMPro 9, thanks!
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                 Yes in FMS9 there was no specific option for a server compatible. You had to use the web compatible checkbox. In FMS10 you have the option for web, server, and client.
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                I'm using FMP10. In the script editor, bottom left corner, there's a "show compatibility" menu. I can select "server" from this drop down and all incompatible script steps show as greyed out.


                Other things to look out for that I've recently learned. Import and export record script steps are limited to the point of being barely functional when run as part of a server scheduled script.


                See this article for more info:  http://filemaker.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/filemaker.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=7035


                Server scheduled scripts automatically trigger any script set to perform when the file is opened or closed. Thus the incompatible script step might be part of an "on open" script instead of your scheduled script.


                To keep an "on open" script from executing when your schedule triggers a script, place the following code at the beginning of any script that is set to perform when the file opens:

                (Put the name of your schedule in place of "ScheduleName")


                If [Get(UserName) = "ScheduleName"]

                   Exit Script []

                End If


                Hope that helps.

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                  so it appears import/export steps are functional in fmserver10.... but not 9!!!


                  I checked for updates to fmserver9 that would have added this feature, but none are out...






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                    Server-side import and exporting is a new feature of FMS10. Also keep in mind that even that has limitations. For example, the imp/exp has to be done from specific directories and it wont work properly on other filemaker files.


                    I would do my homework to make sure it will do what you want it to do.