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Update failing on FMS 13

Question asked by NickVézina on May 23, 2014


Update failing on FMS 13

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     I am trying Filemaker Server 13 and we have major lag issues with it. So we want to update it to 13v02.

     Thing is, we can't. Filemaker server won't stop on our machine (Windows server 2008 R2) When we click on the close button, it prompt us to send a message and ask for delay, the button turn off but is greyed out forever.  With console commands, all attempt to close the server return us

     "Connection refused: The server is unavailable
     Permission denied
     Error (9)"

     We are admin on the server machine. I would not care if I could update in any other way. When we try to update it say the Filemaker Server service have to be stopped. When I  to stop the service manually, The update can't find the server. I am totally lost on that. Thanks for your help and if you need any informations that I probably left out, I'll try and provide.