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    Updated dbases not recognizing privilege sets



      Updated dbases not recognizing privilege sets

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           I am using FM server and FM Pro 11 on desktops.  In order to update the relationships in the dbases, I removed them from the server and transferred to a desktop so I could open in FM Pro and actually modify the links.  When I returned the updated dbases to server and then access remotely, it is not allowing me to modify or even add new records, telling me the files are not  modifiable.  This is in spite of the fact that privileges are set to allow full access.  

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          jeannine rudolph:

               Thank you for the post.


               A few more questions to assist us in narrowing this down:


               1. What is the operating system of the FileMaker Server?

               2. Were the files re-uploaded using the FileMaker Server Admin Console?


               If the FileMaker Server is running Mac OS X, then possibly the files were copied into the server's directory and did not receive read/write permission for the fmserver user. Close the files and remove the files from the server. Afterwards, upload again using the FileMaker Server Admin Console. 


               Uploading the files in this way allows our software to properly set the permissions. Please let me know if I have misdiagnosed the issue or if you have any questions about the troubleshooting outlined above.



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                      Hmm. In my very limited experience the best way to get the files to Server is to use FMPro 13 command to upload files to the server. Interestingly enough, once I've done this one time I can freely use Mac OS to drag files from the server or add the same files  to the proper Server folder at will. All permissions change properly as the files are moved from one location to another.