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Updating from 11 to 12 version for a complete noob

Question asked by StasGavrylov on Sep 23, 2013
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Updating from 11 to 12 version for a complete noob

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     Hello to everyone. I know that this is mostly the place for questions about actual FM problems, but I need help in updating, because I've encountered FileMaker just a few days ago.

     My company is using 11th version of Filemaker Pro Advanced and FM Server. Currently we don't have a person responsible for the Filemaker, the guy that installed and configured all system is not working with us anymore, but we want to update our system to 12th version. (Please, don't ask me why - I was just assigned for this task as the most advanced computer user :))
     I have two questions - 1) Where can I download the latest 12.X version for Mac? Is the link in Support - Downloads section for 12.0v4 versions appropriate? Because I'm confused by the note that is an update for versions 12.0v1, 12.0v2 or 12.0v3.
     2) Will the upgrade from 11 to 12 version be smooth (for both FM Pro Advanced and FM Server), or it will require any further modifications? Because we currently don't have a person qualified enough to perform any tweaks (if they are necessary). Does the FM Server update looks like a usual software installation or it need any specific actions to be performed?
     Great thank you in advance for your responses.