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Upgrade to FMP Server 12?

Question asked by mk4482 on May 3, 2012
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Upgrade to FMP Server 12?

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We are currently using FMP 11 Advanced Server (and clients) and have an upgrade to FMP 12.  However, we are concerned about this upgrade because it does not appear to be a "normal" upgrade.  In other words, the existing FMP 11 server needs to be uninstalled first which means clients will not be able to connect.  In addition, FMP12 adds the fmp12 extension to the databases so will our FMP 11 clients be able to work with that without having the FMP 12 client installed first?  Or do we upgrade the clients to FMP 12 first - and will these FMP12 clients then be able to work with the existing FNP 11 Server before we upgrade it to FMP 12?  We have tried to find out this information before we upgrade as we have over 100 clients who will not be able to be disrupted for a long period of time.

We have read the getting started guide for FMP 12 and it indicates that we need to use Filemaker Pro to convert our current fmp7 databases to fmp12.  When do we do that?  During the installation?  Does each one get converted manually?  If they get converted before the clients do, will the clients be able to open the databases if they are still using FMP 11?

Thanks for any advise or support or additional information you have about this upgrade.  As you can see, we are a little concerned as it doesn't seem to be as seamless as it needs to be.  Thanks!