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Upgraded to Server *Advanced* on 10.5 Server -- No "Web Publishing"?

Question asked by maser on May 26, 2009
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Upgraded to Server *Advanced* on 10.5 Server -- No "Web Publishing"?

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I have FileMaker Server installed on Mac OSX *Server* (10.5.7).


I just received my serial number for FM to bring my FM Server to *advanced*.  That installed properly.


However, the Java applet indicates I need to "start the Web Publishing Engine first" before I can configure any databases.



However, "start Web Publishing" is greyed out under the "Server" menu -- even if I start/stop the "Database Server".



I'm doing all this starting/stopping/accessing the database engine *on* the server -- not remotely. 



Is there some trick to get the "Web Publishing Engine" running on 10.5.7 *server*?   I have the "Web Service" running on OSX Server (via Server admin) with just the generic OSX server page being hosted on ports 80/443.