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Upgrading from FMS9

Question asked by j.wegner on Apr 29, 2010


Upgrading from FMS9

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Hi all,


My company uses a very complex database structure that was originally developed in FileMaker 9, and has been running on FileMaker 9 since then.  There are a few pieces of the system that were made in FM8, but the mission-critical pieces are all FileMaker 9.


I am constantly making updates and upgrades to this system, and I do most of my development in the new FM11 environment.  Unfortunately, changes in features (specifically the ability to send emails directly, using smtp) are starting to show their faces, causing a lot of confusion around the company.


The company has purchased enough FMS11 and FMP11 licenses to completely upgrade the company, our only fear is that something the newer version - FMS11/FMP11 - will not be compatible with things made in the old version - FMS9/FMP9.


Are all versions of FMS and FM backwards compatible?  If not, what features do I need to be looking for that might stop working or change how they work?


Thanks so much,

Joe Wegner