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    Upgrading from Server 12 to Server 13



      Upgrading from Server 12 to Server 13

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           I am moving 20 databases that were hosted on FMS 12 to a new FMS13 server. Both are configured identically. When I access the databases using FMP 13 Client on the FMS 13 server with an admin account that has full-access, I can't add new records. I can edit existing ones. New record is greyed out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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               Craig Thomas:


               Thank you for the post.


               How were the files uploaded to FileMaker Server 13?


               The suggested method would be using FileMaker Pro 13 as outlined in the following article:


          Uploading a file to FileMaker Server using FileMaker Pro


               If the files are opened locally with FileMaker Pro, then can new records be added?


               If so, remove the files from the server, then reupload the files. Please keep me updated with any progress.



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