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    Uploading image to via Filemaker Server



      Uploading image to via Filemaker Server

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      Hi, I am trying to upload a PDF via Filemaker Pro 10 (Mac using (Server) Filemaker pro Server V10 Mac. When I upload file locally from machine to server with a shared folder on server it works 100% the container I can open the PDF in container and the file can be exported.


      When trying from a PC or another mac on network it fails to find the document. On PC show an alias.


      Please assist

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          Is this a store by reference container? Is this file located on your local computer or in a shared directory where all your users can access the file directly?


          If so, your other machines must all mount the directory/drive where the file is actually located in identical fashion and have at least read access permission. Since Macs and Windows machines map drives differently, you may need to use a calculation field that computes different filepaths (set the return type to container) to display the container on both platforms.


          To explore the differences, define a calculation field set to return text and put the name of the container field as its "expression". Place this field next to the container and insert images on both platforms in different records or fields so that you can compare them.