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Uploading to server

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 26, 2014
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Uploading to server

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     I am running FM13 adv on my mac, connected to the Mac server that I have FM12 ADV running to share my FM database. 

     I have read posts on this issue but still stuck. So idiot's guide required!

     How do I upload the latest version of my database from

     a:/the FM13 client Mac to the server with in the same network

     b:/ a remote connection (my office, over the internet).

     Assume my router has had no settings altered other than defaults.

     I can access the database from the same network, but when I try to upload I get a dialogue "connection failed". My server has a static IP. I dont think my ISP has given me a static IP though...

     Option A is more important - b is a bonus...

     I have all sharing options on (client) although unsure which I actually need to share my Database... I just want to be able to open Filemaker and connect to remote database from either the local server or over the net...


     Thank you