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    User Accounts Again



      User Accounts Again

      Your post

      Say you have 50 databases that 20 people need access to.

      Do you have to go to each database individual database and add all 20 users? 

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          Hi "MikeyG79",
          Simple answer...  YES!!!
          You also have some options to ease the pain of managing users/groups & privileges!
          A.  You can utilize FMP to create users, groups, and privileges for your solution.  This works well for small solutions with small workgroups.  This MUST be managed separately for EACH DB file.
          B.  You can 'consolidate' your numerous DB files into one DB file with many tables.  This allows you to manage all users, groups, and privileges in one solution.  This works great when you have one or two DB files.
          C.  You can 'deploy' a network "directory (LDAP) system", such as Apple's Open Directory (OD) or Microsoft's Active Directory (AD).  This allows you to have all your users and groups mapped to privilege sets in your FMP DB files.  Additionally, these LDAP systems will manage server and workstation security on your entire network...  users & passwords; group memberships; resource permissions; application & setting policies; etc.  This is by far the most flexible and cost effective in the long run.  If your organization has one, you could use an existing OD or AD directory system on your network.  If your organization doesn't have one, you could deploy such a system for $ 500  -  $ 5,000.
          Please feel free to request any further info regarding a "directory system"...  as, I have installed over 100 of these for my clients over the last 10 years.
          I hope this helps... Good Luck!!!


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            Thank you.

            I'm taking over a project that's been developed by 1 person over too many years. I don't think I can combine everything into 1 database. It's really more like 100 files taking up about 5gigs of space.

            Wish there were better tools for working with this.


            Thank you again. 

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              Could you explain how to connect FM to the AD.  We have AD in place with over 50 users and multiple groups/levels.  There will only be a couple of people using the DB, but I would like to track user input and changes by user.


              Thanks in advance!



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                Hi "lnail",
                You may want to take a look at a answer I provided other forum users...
                You may want to also take a look at the FMServer documentation...  it explains this process fairly well.
                I hope this helps you and any other interested readers... Good Luck!!!