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    User kicked off editing "Saved Finds"



      User kicked off editing "Saved Finds"

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      We are using Filemaker 10 on a Filemaker 7 server.


      One of my users continuously gets kicked off when he tries to save an edit to a "saved find".  When he tries to log in again, he gets an error saying the number of users has been exceeded.  (which isn't true.)  After a few minutes, he tries again and can successfully log back in.


      He's on a PC.




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          Does filemaker 7 support "saved finds"?


          I don't have a copy to examine, but I suspect that feature was added with later versions. SInce you are hosting with server 7, features introduced in later versions of server are mostly not supported. The specific behavior you describe, however, seems a bit odd. Generally, such unsupported features are just not available rather than kicking the user off in this fashion.