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User Override Validation Error

Question asked by lawtry on Apr 14, 2010
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User Override Validation Error

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I have a field name OrderID with the following settings:



- Serial Number (on creation), next value = 'F-113591', increment by 1



- validate data 'Only during data entry'

- 'Allow user to override during data entry' checked

- 'Unique value' checked

- 'Display custom message if validation fails' checked and custom message entered


I am using FX.php to add records to our inhouse FM db via a web submission and need to overwrite the OrderID field with a specific prefix to designate that it is a web order. the OrderID value would be something like 'W-158456' and the incrementing of the value is handled via php with the correct next OrderID submitted as a parameter with all of the other fields. I am getting an error though with the code 102 ('field is missing') and have determined that it is the OrderID field causing it - when i don't submit with an OrderID, the transactions complete successfully and i'm positive the submitted OrderID is unique.


So my question is, what else do I have to do to be able to override the field auto-entry value? i figured that having "Allow user to override..." would be sufficient.