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username's on terminal server

Question asked by Joser on May 11, 2010
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username's on terminal server

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Hello to you all


On a windows network with windows server 2003

I've installed filemaker 10 VLA (12 users) on the terminal server and filemaker 10 server on an other machine.


Everything works fine except everyone who works via the terminal server has the same name, when i view the clients in the filemaker server admin console.

I think it's the name i gave filemaker pro when installing it on the terminal server. They also all have the same IP address.

When i use FM 11 advanced installed on my machine, i get my username and ip adres - no problem here.

It's just the people who works on the terminal server


Can i fix this? So i can get the users name?

I would really appreciate a solution,


kind regards,