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Using Filemaker via ODBC and ASP

Question asked by Step on Nov 11, 2009
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Using Filemaker via ODBC and ASP

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Hi there,


I am a Microsoft ASP developer. Normally I use MS SQL as the datasource for my ASP developments.


A few days ago a client of mine asked me to develop an application in ASP but instead of using MSSQL as the database, to rather use Filemaker.


Having read the Filemaker documentation, I know it is possible for Filemaker to work as a PHP datasource, or even for Filemaker to serve as a client to MSSQL, but is it possible for Filemaker to serve as a datasource for ASP via ODBC.


To complicate matters even further.. - it would be prefered if the filemaker server and the ASP server be two different machines [but not a requirement] - Is it possible to set-up a "remote" odbc connection to the filemaker database ?


Thanks for your help. I am still a noob to filemaker..