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    Using functions in place of scripts



      Using functions in place of scripts

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      I have a form with many fields and I need to check an alarm field for "yes" and then populate a note field with a messages such as "Active Alarm Alert". It is straight forward doing this using scripts but I do not want to write a unique script for every alarm field as there are over a hundred of them.

      My question is can a generic function be used instead that identifies a "yes" in the alarm fields and then fills in the appropriate note field with a message such as "Active Alarm Alert. So far I have not been able to create a generic function that can identify the associated note field.

      Any suggestions on a solution or more elegant way to approach this problem would be much appreciated.Otherwise, I'm stuck writing a whole bunch of scripts.



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          Alex McGregor: 
          Thank you for the post.
          Review the screenshot below for a calculation based on a text field Alarm that evaluates to "Active Alarm Alert" when a "Yes" value is found in the field Alarm.
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