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Using Server External Authentication for Client Files?

Question asked by SandyP on Aug 5, 2011
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Using Server External Authentication for Client Files?

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We're trying to move to using External Authentication for a database. The database has a number of files, those that hold data are held on the FileMaker Pro Server, those that don't are held on the client PCs. External Authentication works perfectly for the database files that are on the server but not those held on the client PCs - it just asks you to log in. Presumably this is because FileMaker Pro itself doesn't do authentication?

- Can anyone confirm if it should be possible and we're missing something or if there is no way it will work?

- I assume that if External Authentication doesn't work then Directory Services won't either for the same reasons?

Does anyone have any recommendations about what we could do in this circumstance to get away from local FileMaker accounts?

(Currently on FileMaker Server 11 and FileMaker Pro 9 on Windows XP, if that is relevant.)