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Using SQL through PHP to FMpro 11v3 Server, with special characters ?

Question asked by Dave_3 on Nov 7, 2013
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Using SQL through PHP to FMpro 11v3 Server, with special characters ?

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     Hi All,

     I am not a FileMaker user (at least since version 3).

     I am attempting to connect to our company's FileMaker Pro server from our web server (Running on Windows Server 2010 with IIS, but also testing locally on Windows 7 with Apache too). I am using the FileMaker xDBC drivers (11.3.81) .

     I have written my code in PHP. Saved as UTF8.

     I can successfully connect and construct SQL queries to FileMaker and receive data back.

     BUT, I simply cannot get FileMaker to reply to any query where I am looking for a special character in a field. I know that the value exists in my database. As I am using German data it is essential I can construct queries on, and find fields that contain special characters.

     An example of my code is :

     SELECT "Acronym Original", Originalsprache, Kategorie, Status, Veraltet FROM "Terminologie d_f_e" WHERE "Acronym Original" IS NOT NULL AND "Status"='freigegeben' AND LOWER("Acronym Original") LIKE 'öa%' ORDER BY LOWER("Acronym Original")


     I have the value : ÖA in a field. I get no results back. I also checked without transforming to lower case, it does not return any value. And also tested with changing LIKE to ='öa' and ='ÖA' with no results. This code works for all other normal characters. The SQL string is created using UTF8.

     Is this a limitation of the xDBC driver, or am I doing something wrong ?

     Many thanks for any feedback. Hit a dead end with this.