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Using the FileMaker Tomcat Server

Question asked by kiental on Jul 20, 2009
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Using the FileMaker Tomcat Server

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After installing 360 Works' SuperContainer on our FileMaker Server 9 (Advanced) box, it dawned upon me that it was possible to use the "built in" Tomcat server to serve Java server pages or appletts. I was wondering if there is a recomended procedure for doing this.


I actually tried dumping a WAR file in the \FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\cwpe-tomcat\bin directory and restarted the server. The WAR was unpacked successfully but I am not sure how to access this now (port number and path). Also, the installation of SuperContainer configuration has caused the package to be served on port 80. Does anyone have any advice on how this was done? Sorry, I don't have much experience with Tomcat and JSP.