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    Using VPS as webserver?



      Using VPS as webserver?

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      FMS 10 MS SB 2003


      My companys website is currently on a VPS with Hostway. It is a Linux/Apache machine. Is there anyway for me to connect my database server to it for CWP?


      My company doesn't have the $$ or the know-how to setup/run our own webserver. However we already own and use FMS 10 extensively. I have built out or whole website with CWP on IIS intranet and now want to publish it to the web, but I am not going to enjoy telling my boss that the $400 we just paid for the year of our VPS was wasted!


      Please Help!

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             Set the CWP to run off the the IP of your FMS that is publishing with appropriate external ports opened.  Should work fine.  CWP basically fetch the XML from webpublishing in FMS and then the PHP API parse that for you, or you can build your own parser, which isn't that hard.  Just make sure to secure the connection.
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            Ok that just confused me. Sorry :-( 


            Do I need to install something on the webserver?


            Or are you u saying to use the 1 machine installation and somehow get the IIS on my server to communicate with my remote webserver?

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              Hi - sorry you're havinfg trouble with the web component


              If you are unable to find a solution, please contact me privately (top of this page - right side - envelope icon), as our company can provide you a worker vps for your FileMaker web publishing.

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                CWP should be using your IIS already.  When you turned on CWP or IWP, you had to select the web server, what FMS is doing is publishing as XML via that web server (IIS in your case). You just need to figure how to configure your network so the VPS can connect to the server where CWP is publishing.