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Value List additions

Question asked by gldiaz on May 31, 2012
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Value List additions

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I have FMK 11.  I'm having difficulty on doing the following: Can you help.

I've created a value list of "Stores".  The list was initially created in EXCEL and imported to FMK11 for use.

The value list presently works find with a drop down of all the present "store records" in alpha order.

Here's the provlem, I would like to add new "store records"  on the fly, without going back to excel". 

example: Presently the drop down shows in the value list, from my Stores Layout.

Albertsons # 203, General Mgr Name, Hours Open, Phone # and City.

Albertsons # 209, General Mgr Name, Hours Open, Phone# and City.  Etc. etc. etct


I would like to be able to add new stores "ABC store name and information", on the fly while in the Stores infomation layout.

I hope, I've explained it correctly.   I just wish to add new stores.  Do I need to do something to the Value list setup or what?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.