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    Verification of backup fails



      Verification of backup fails

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      I'm very new and inexperience in using Filemaker. Our company basically purchased it in order to run Particle System's Streamtime as our project management software. We have scheduled hourly, daily and weekly backups of our databases and all had been working just fine until a few days ago.


      We have been getting a "Verification Failed" on the Last Run status of our admin console under Schedules and an email that I'm pasting below (I'm only pasting the one for the Daily backups, but pretty much they're all the same):


      ----- COPIED TEXT BEGINS----- 

      FileMaker Server on MEDIASRV reported the following event:

      2009-05-07 19:02:30.002 +0200 Error 664 MEDIASRV Schedule "Daily" completed, but consistency check failed on backups of one or more databases.

      Contact information not specified.

      ----- COPIED TEXT ENDS-----



      Help please!!

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          That usually means that the file is corrupt. I would stop serving the file, make a copy of the file, recover it, and then the recovered file and export the DATA only into .mer files. Then take a good copy of one of your backup files PRIOR to having issues, make a clone, and then import the .mer data back into the clone. Copy the file to the server directory and then reserve.



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            I'm curious. Why export "only to .mer"?


            I've been importing data from the recovered file into the cloned backup directly for years without experiencing any trouble.

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              Its just an extra percaution. It's been a standard procedure that I have doing for years. I like to have my data. The .mer files allow me to have access to that data in a true raw format. It brings me the true data without any extra junky characters ( lower ascii ). I dont use csv and tab because they dont show the field names for the mapping.



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                Problem "magically" solved???

                I’m confused! Here’s what I did: 

                • I created two more backup schedules, custom ones, to backup ONE database at a time (i.e. Streamtime and Printforms SEPARATELY) and then a third one that backed up both of them together.
                • I run those schedules and they backed up OK.
                • The hourly backup then run on its own.... And the result under status says OK !!! Then the daily ones have been running for the last 4-5 days, and they're again backing up ok!!
                I don’t know how or why, but this seems to have solved the problem.... Strange!
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                     Just to be safe, I strongly recommend you perform a recover on each file and check to see if any problems are identified and fixed.
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                    I would strongly recommend that you follow the procedures that I pointed out to you earlier. Trust the words from the more experienced developers who have made the mistakes already. Even though it may be tempting to just leave it alone, if there is any suspect of corruption, as cumbersome as it may be, it is best to put the data into a clean clone of a GOOD backup file. Always maintain CLONES after a new software release.


                    IOW, although things may seem fine for now, more than likely, the problem will come back but be way worse or possibly even drop your data.