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Verification of backup fails

Question asked by Marios_Ioannou on May 8, 2009
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Verification of backup fails

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I'm very new and inexperience in using Filemaker. Our company basically purchased it in order to run Particle System's Streamtime as our project management software. We have scheduled hourly, daily and weekly backups of our databases and all had been working just fine until a few days ago.


We have been getting a "Verification Failed" on the Last Run status of our admin console under Schedules and an email that I'm pasting below (I'm only pasting the one for the Daily backups, but pretty much they're all the same):



FileMaker Server on MEDIASRV reported the following event:

2009-05-07 19:02:30.002 +0200 Error 664 MEDIASRV Schedule "Daily" completed, but consistency check failed on backups of one or more databases.

Contact information not specified.




Help please!!