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VERY EASY:  Syncing two computers, 1 database.

Question asked by DavidAbalin on Dec 10, 2014
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VERY EASY:  Syncing two computers, 1 database.

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IHi all,

I'm relatively new to and I haven't found a clear cut solution, but my issue is that I would like to simply synchronize two computers together, and it doesn't necessarily have to be updated in real time.

We work with 2 computers and would just like to be able to mutually have the new records we create.  We work on the same network and separate networks, so if there are different solutions for both please feel free.

I thought of something as silly as uploading the database file to a cloud service such as dropbox, but for some reason I don't think it's THAT easy.

I am seeking the SIMPLEST solutions, hopefully without a server (if it's actually possible)

Thanks, sorry for the noob question.