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Very slow performing finds.

Question asked by DSM on Mar 18, 2010
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Very slow performing finds.

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I have recently run into a problem where my filemaker database is running very slow when performing finds.


I have a script that automatically performs this particular find for the user. They locate the record via a portal row and click on it. It then sets a variable of the ID NUMBER of the record, which is an automatically generated 10 digit serial number that looks like 0000000001 for example. The find then goes to the layout and performs a find on the ID NUMBER that says find == $Variable. The script is simple, and has been working fine for the past year, this problem has only been noticed over the past few weeks. There are currently about 18500 records in this table.


This serial number is set to index "ALL". I have tried changing it to none, then back to all to see if it made a difference, but it has not. I have also tried to run a recovery on the database, but it is still running slow.


Any suggestions or ways to speed up these functions would be greatly appreciated.