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VPN for Filemaker Server 11

Question asked by wilchin on Feb 22, 2012


VPN for Filemaker Server 11

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 Hi, need some help regarding security issue.


Now I have 1 FMS11 install in my server. with modem port forwarded 5003, Database can be accessed both in Lan (1st office) and remotely (2nd office) via internet.

I am concern about my database is being accessed by other people outside using another computer which is not belong to 1st or 2nd office. Someone advice me the first line of defence is firewall and VPN.

I try to search from youtube "how to setup VPN server & Client", but i have no idea whether the method is suitable for setting up FMS. So I tried it anyway, creating a new VPN connection at the server, but the other computer still can access my FMS DB without a VPN connection. 

***Currently using Windows 7 Ultimate as my Server with FMS11 in it.

Few Question to ask


Can someone teach me how to setup VPN ?

Is it the remote computer have to go through VPN authentication first, then only can connect to FMS DB?

How does it work actually?

Any help from you clever guys would be very much appreciated ^^