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Warning 30 Filemaker-Server.local - unwanted logging out !

Question asked by flyiav on Mar 5, 2015
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Warning 30 Filemaker-Server.local - unwanted logging out !

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G'Day... I am am receiving the following 'random' warning and it is logging out terminals.

FileMaker Server 13.0v5 on FileMaker-Server.local reported the following event:

2015-03-06 09:14:43.583 +1000    Warning    30    FileMaker-Server.local    Client "Amanda XXXXX (WorkStation2) []" no longer responding; connection closed. (10)

FileMaker Server automatically sent you this email. 

This is happening while the terminal is in use, it is not a sleep issue... we have prevent App Nap selected.

We are running Filmaker 13 Pro Version 13.0.4, across 10 Mac desktops and it is affecting random terminals throughout the day. Some are on Yosemite, other still on 10.9.5 

There is some suggestion it may be our Cisco switch... that is only three years old.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Cheers ...IAN