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Web deployment advice.

Question asked by ProZachJ on Jan 4, 2010
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Web deployment advice.

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FMS 10 (Windows SB 2003)

FMP 10

Website (Hosted with Hostway)


I am in charge of developing add-on features in our current Filemaker database (actually a suite of FM databases that work together) for creating and following up on potential clients. One of the things I need to accomplish is to post a webform into the database. I also need to deliver video content via the web.  


I know this would be a fairly simply task if my Filemaker database where published via CWP and PHP.


However, the computer that FMS is currently installed on is the "grand poohbah" server for both of our buisnesses. My owner has stated in no uncertain terms enabling IIS (or any webserver)on this computer is out of the question. He was even nervous when I forwarded 5003 for remote FMP client access. I have also been told that this project needs to be completed way before we will be ready to get a seperate webserver up and running.


Should I just use a MySQL dbase from my webhosting provider and then use ESS to get the data that is posted into it?

Where and how should I host and deliver the video content?