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Web deployment recommendations

Question asked by r3media on Oct 11, 2009
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Web deployment recommendations

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Good day everyone,


I am in the process of revamping a client's web site and would like some recommendations on how to proceed.


Here are the paticulars

The client operates an annual conference with roughly 5,000 attendees a year.

They have been using Filemaker for a long time and have developed a decent FM database over the years. They are currently running FM Server 9 on the same host as their website (Windows 2003 server). The database has been for internal use mainly, up until last year when I integrated some of it to the web.

Contacts in DB: 55,000+

Companies in DB: 35,000+
Moderator/Panelists in DB: 5,700 total
Yearly delegate/members: 4-5,000
Panels per year: 150

(I don't need access to all of the records above, but this is where I will be pulling the info, filtered by year)


What I would like to do is integrate FM with the website. I have a couple of concerns/questions on how I do this.

My biggest concern is speed and performance. The site gets about 4,000,000 hits per month at it's peak

Last year I connected the database (online registration, panelists information, an online members area etc) using ODBC DSN connection and ASP. Big mistake! People were trying to purchase tickets, log in to the member's area, find out who is speaking where all at once. The poor performance of the SequeLink driver and using ASP shut down the website during the whole conference.


So, this year I was considering scrapping FM and moving everything to a web-based system and using PHP and mySQL. But, before I do that I wanted to visit the FM solution one more time. I just did a test with the PHP site wizard with the Moderator DB (147 fields, 5700 records). It was pulling back 25 records in about 16 seconds. I scaled it back and now have 100 records loading in about 10 seconds. This seems like a lot of time to me especially when there is no load on the server at all right now. time at the bottom)




What would you recommend?
FM with PHP AP? (still have concerns about performance)
FM with Fx.php
Just exporting the data I need for the web and use MySQLwith PHP

I see FM has MySQL support. Would this help?


Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I have to nail down a solution in the next couple of days.





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