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Web deployment with OS X Server v10.6

Question asked by Nickk on Jun 23, 2010
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Web deployment with OS X Server v10.6

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Hi everybody,
Before buying a copy of FileMaker Server 11 Advanced, I'd like to have some information regarding web deployment!

Currently, our Mac Mini (the latest one with OS X Server v10.6) is serving web, file sharing, printers, calendars, address book, dns and vpn services to the company's employees.
I'm aware that FileMaker advices not to install FMSA if there's any web/file/printer sharing service, but the other server we've got is PPC so we can't run FMSA on that one.

And, anyway, FMSA will be serving a very little amount of data, so performance is not going to be a problem!

The point is... That machine is currently serving 2 websites with Apache, and .
I'd like to know if it's possible to configure the server such that FileMaker's IWP will be working on, possibly with an SSL connection.
If it's possible, how can I configure the thing?

Thanks in advance for any help!