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Web direct -- Slowness

Question asked by disabled_JulieDoxsey on Jul 14, 2014
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Web direct -- Slowness

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     I have developed a Filemaker Pro database hosted on FM Server, and I want to utilize web direct.

     I am finding web direct's response time to be prohibitively slow when performing simple data entry. For example, I have one layout with a list of 17 questions for users to log in and answer -- most of the answer fields are radio buttons. The layout is extremely simple -- it has the list of questions with their corresponding fields (answers), one popover button that contains a portal, and two buttons with scripts attached (one to go "back" to a previous layout and one to "continue" to the next layout). See the attached image.

     When I open the layout in the pro client, everything works just fine -- but in web direct, sometimes when you click on a radio button it responds -- and sometimes (really, most of the time) the computer just does nothing.

     I have read complaints from other users about web direct. I am wondering what others have done to speed up response time -- either from the server, or from the database -- to make web direct work. 

     I have also read on Filemaker's website that they recommend a two machine FM Server deployment for web direct. Before spending the money on this, I'd like to know if it will actually help...

     My client wants web direct to work. I'm really hoping I wont have to disappoint him!