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    Web Direct On Mobile Browsers



      Web Direct On Mobile Browsers

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      Hello, I am new to Filemaker and I am just now developing my first db solution. My question is this - will Web Direct not work with mobile browsers at all? Or will very basic layouts work? It is very important to my project that my db can be viewed (not edited) on phones and tablets. If this just will not work then I may have to rethink using FM, which would be a big bummer. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.

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          Markus Schneider

          There is a list of supported browsers in the system requirements. If a browser is not in that list doesn't mean that this browser will not work - but You have to do do some testings. There are reports from users where firefox wirks fine - although not supported.

          A webpage should be displayed - there might be elements that don't show properly, but this could be resolved using other methods/elements (i.e. radio buttons might not be good, but value lists are fine, etc.)

          Short version: You have to try with some browsers! (the technet server will support one connection for webdirect)


          ** Sorry for typing mistakes - but it's impossible to edit postings on iPad here

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            Thank-you Markus for your very helpful information. I sounds like I should make the layouts as simple as possible and then test a lot. Good advice! Thanks again! Roy