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Web Direct Performance

Question asked by MarkBolton on Dec 15, 2014


Web Direct Performance

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Hi All

So here it is, brand new server 2012, Xeon 6 core 2.5Ghz, 16Gb RAM, 15k SAS hard drives, gigabit network 1 user, small database (200Mb, 12 layouts nothing exciting script wise) running on filemaker server 13.0v5 and performance well frankly I can't say as this is a family show ;-)

Before people go off with layout blah blah this is a simple database no calculation fields, no scripts triggers 6 fields per record 3 drop downs (one date 2 value lists) even going back and forwards to a simple welcome screen things are slow. I have even disables AV without improvement.  What do I need to do?

I could create a Virtual machine with ring fenced resources and put the Webdirect stuff on that but to me it appears overkill for a small scale install (~15 concurrent pro users and normally only 1 web direct user) can anyone suggest any places to look to squeeze better performance out of this machine?