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web opening page

Question asked by steelbut on Dec 23, 2009
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web opening page

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I am using FMSA 9 and trying to publish with IWP.  I have a seperate database called WebQuotes and it only has guest access and I have been trying to use the page iwp_home.html and have it open as a frame in our web sites.  But how do you make the call to open the "open" script to show the opening page of the database WebQuotes?


I have read the IWP guide and have looked over many forums and I would assume it would not be that hard.  


I am using Windows server standard 2003.


I have tryed to look over the text in the iwp_home.html to edit it to make the call - is there a way to do it that way? I made another page from a text pad and called it iwp_home.html saying "it works!" and it works but how do you make it open the opening page of WebQuotes?


Thanks, Larry