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    web or app client



      web or app client

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      Can anyone tell me what would be better to have - clients accessing the database (via FMSPA11) with IWP or using FM remote access ?.


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          Adrian Gorman:

          Thank you for your post.

          Generally FileMaker Network Sharing is best from a usage/performance perspective while Instant Web Publishing can help save on installation or licensing costs.

          FileMaker Network Sharing:
          - FileMaker Pro must be installed on each client machine.
          - Each user needs a license for FileMaker Pro. Volume licensing is available for 5+ copies.
          - Requires FileMaker Server to host for more than 9 connections or FileMaker Pro otherwise.

          Instant Web Publishing:
          - No client installation required - the database is accessed through a web browser.
          - Does not support all client features.
          - Requires FileMaker Server Advanced to host for more than 5 connections or FileMaker Pro otherwise.

          The Instant Web Publishing Guide has a detailed list of feature differences between the two on page 25:


          When designing your database in FileMaker Pro, it is possible to test both methods. Testing your solution is the best way to determine which method will be the most accessible for your users before you deploy.

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