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    Web Publishing 8  on windows 2008



      Web Publishing 8  on windows 2008

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      Windows 2008-32b

      FileMaker Server 8


      I juste install filemaker server 8 and is running well but when I try to install Web Plublishing I receive error 1722 at end of installation. So my question web publishing is running well on IIS 2008 or I need to upgrade to version 9?



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          Hi Web,


          FileMaker 8 and 9 for that matter are not yet certified to work under Windows 2008. I would probably suggest waiting for FileMaker to release a patch or an update to server. Thats what I'm doing, as we've ported all of our other apps to Server 2008, FM seem the only one that is lacking.... mind you after havnig said that, most of our server app are MS based.