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Web Publishing Engine for PHP Site... PLS HELP!!!!!

Question asked by KAmsinger on Oct 29, 2010


Web Publishing Engine for PHP Site... PLS HELP!!!!!

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I am using Godaddy's Virtual Dedicated Server with Windows 2003 Operating System using IIS. I have FMS Advance 10 installed on the server. 

I have been using FMP/FMS for about a year now and we now want to have a PHP site setup through filemaker server so that people can go online and fill out a registration form that is connected or synced to our main database so that every time they fill out the form and hit submit their information is placed in a new record in our database. I have printed off and read through every possible documentation/guidelines on how to set this up through the PHP site assistant on FMS. However, for some reason I can't seem to get the web publishing engine to connect to the FMS software.

I did the setup in the IIS enabled the website folder. Copied from the FileMaker API for PHP Standalone folder the FileMaker.php & FileMaker Folder into my <drive>:\Inetpub\wwwroot folder.

But every time I try to do my server deployment it can't connect to the IIS.  And I know to test if the web publishing engine is working to go to my Browser and put in http://localhost/index.html but the instructions say I first have to make the HTML file. However, I don't know where to put this HTML file on my server to even test it, meaning what folder to save it in on the server.

And I know that FMWebSchool offers FMStudio to do this for you however, I already paid several thousand dollars for the FMP/FMS Advance software because it claims to have this capabilities already and I don't want to pay for another software/license key to get this done.

If you need even more information please let me know as I am very frustrated with this and not sure what I am doing wrong. PLEASE HELP!!!