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    Web Publishing Engine Won't Start. FM Server 10 Mac



      Web Publishing Engine Won't Start. FM Server 10 Mac

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      I am running Filemaker Server on 10 (Version on a Mac Pro Server running Leopard Server 10.5.8.  My issue is that I cannot get the Web Publishing Engine to Start. 

      When I try to start it I get the error ""Web Publishing Engine Failed to Start".  On the admin console it shows XML & XSLT ON and IWP OFF.  There is an error at the top of the screen that reads "Server Status Information - An Error was encountered communicating with the server".  In the Log Viewer it shows "Publishing Engine Access Error /fmi/conf/config.wpc 401 0"

      The Apache web server appears to be running correctly - the service is started and when I visit in the web browser I get a Welcome to MacOSX server page.

      I have restarted the server, updated FM and the Mac OS and am wondering what else I could try to get the Web Engine to start, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Hi TR27:

          Thanks for posting.

          I have a few questions regarding your Mac OS X 10.5.8 server machine.

          What is the processor speed and RAM on your server?

          Is Apache running a default configuration?  Are any websites running through Apache?

          You will need to make sure web sharing is enabled in Mac OS X 10.5.8.  Under system preferences go to Sharing.  In the Sharing window you need to have Web Sharing checked so it is on.  If web sharing is off, it can cause an issue with web deployment.

          Resetting the Apache configuration may also help resolve your issue.  An Apache reset would wipe out any web sites you have running.  You can reset Apache by following these steps.  First, navigate to /Applications/Utilities and open terminal.  In terminal, run the following command below.

          sudo cp /etc/apache2/original/httpd.conf /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

          This command will reset Apache back to default.  In FileMaker Server 10, open the admin console and select edit server deployment.  In the web deployment, select Apache as the web server and see if it will deploy now.


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            Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I still can't get the web publishing to start.

            The specs fo the server are: 2.66GHz, 6GB Ram.

            Web Sharing is enabled, I have turned it off and then back on.

            I have removed and re-added the httpd.conf file and re-added it.

            I have reset Apache to it's original config as you suggested.

            I have reset the httpd service numerous times.

            I have also tried reconfiguring the options through the FM 10 admin console, all of which are correct.

            I am still receiving the same errors and am wondering what else there is that could possibly be causing this issue and what else I could try to rectify it?

            Thanks again for your help.