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Web Publishing Engine Won't Start. FM Server 10 Mac

Question asked by TR27 on Jul 31, 2011
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Web Publishing Engine Won't Start. FM Server 10 Mac

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I am running Filemaker Server on 10 (Version on a Mac Pro Server running Leopard Server 10.5.8.  My issue is that I cannot get the Web Publishing Engine to Start. 

When I try to start it I get the error ""Web Publishing Engine Failed to Start".  On the admin console it shows XML & XSLT ON and IWP OFF.  There is an error at the top of the screen that reads "Server Status Information - An Error was encountered communicating with the server".  In the Log Viewer it shows "Publishing Engine Access Error /fmi/conf/config.wpc 401 0"

The Apache web server appears to be running correctly - the service is started and when I visit in the web browser I get a Welcome to MacOSX server page.

I have restarted the server, updated FM and the Mac OS and am wondering what else I could try to get the Web Engine to start, any help would be greatly appreciated.