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    Web Publishing Errors



      Web Publishing Errors

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      Hi There,

      I am hoping you can help me out here. I am trying to post my database online. I used the PHP Assistant and had no errors when doing that. When I tested the site/database and try to add records or even edit the records I get errors for instance: Error: 506 - Value in field is not listed on the value list specified in validation entry option. 

      I have stripped down the database to have just the very basic information that we need to access and edit the info. I removed all cells that required validation and cells that had date stamps. 

      The database works great on the computers, but no online. I need to have this accessible online. I have searched for these error codes but found no explanation as to what causes them or how to fix them.

      Thank you for your help.

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          Thank you for posting.

          Can you verify if any fields have the "Member of value list:"  validation option set?  This should be the only trigger to such a  specific error.


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            I do have "Member of Value list". And the Values do show up when I test the page. As far as the Validation part, I have Validation set to: "Only during data entry" and "allow user to override during data entry". I have 7 fields that are set to this.

            I don't get it. if I have entered values, then why would I get this error?

            Thank you. 

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              I have dug a bit further into this. I am able to make a blank record. When I do, my auto generate number (Job ID) is made and I have my record with Job ID. if I edit the record an make no changes I get: "Error:102 - Field is missing". I also get the same error if I try to edit the record and try to add data to it (customer form a drop down list for example).

              If I try to add a record with data, i get the following error: "Error:101 - Record is missing". I don't get it.

              Does it make a difference if I am on OS X Server 10.6? Is this a permission issue? form what i can see, everything is set up correctly. I don't think I missed any steps in setting up this database and site.



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                The 506 error should occur anytime you enter a value that is not in the value list. Even if the "allow user to override during data entry" option is set, FileMaker Pro will still throw up an error window that the user must respond to. This sort of interaction does not occur when using the Custom Web Publishing so you may need to design a way around it.

                The 101 and 102 errors usually indicate some sort of broken reference. Were any of the fields changed since the site was created? Did these errors occur before? Are any of the fields in a portal?

                In any case these are FileMaker specific errors so the issue probably isn't your OS permissions.

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                  Hi TSuki,

                  Thank you for your help. I thought FileMaker was supposed to make this kind of thing easy, LOL.

                  I did use the custom web publishing with the PHP assistant to make the site. This was my second attempt. I made a very simplified version of my database that had only one table with 6 value lists (One is a check box the other is radial button[yes/no]). I have another value list that is taken form another table (customer name list). I have 2 date fields and the rest is just text input.