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Web publishing on FM 8.5

Question asked by MikeMiller on Jul 21, 2011
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Web publishing on FM 8.5

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Hello all.

I am new here. I am an independent computer tech who has been asked to help with some Filemaker issues. My customer has Filemaker 8.5 Pro Advanced and server 8 running on a Windows 2003 Small Business Server. This whole system was installed about 5 years ago. Last week, the server decided to go on vacation. We lost everything. I re-installed the server. I have re-installed Filemaker and Filemaker Server. I restored all the databases to the same file structure where they were prior to the crash. I can open the databases in FM Pro. I am trying to get the web publishing feature working again. The guy who originally set all of this up says he doesn't remember how he did it. We called tech support and were willing to pay for help, but I was informed that 8.5 is no longer supported. The support guy advised me to go to this forum for help.

Here is my situation - when I start the filemaker server admin program and click on connect to server, the program just locks up on me. I have to go into task manager and kill the task.

The organization I am working with is a medical research foundation. The databases that they are trying to publish consist of several hundred videos and multimedia presentations in various formats.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone can offer.