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Web Publishing Options

Question asked by precociousninja on May 7, 2010
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Web Publishing Options

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I recently started working at a small record label who has a copy of Filemaker Server 9 (Regular) on their server.


I am looking for a way to push some of the data in our database up to the web, not for editing on the web, just for viewing.  I understand that the instant web publishing option is not available unless you have the advanced version of the software, but I have been looking into syncing the software with MySQL and trying to find other options to display this data for our bands to see from their smart phones while they are on tour. Everything I have read/seen about syncing with MySQL shows it as being a two way communication, but on the tutorial I saw online, it showed going into the SQL tables and pulling the external data fields into filemaker, where as I want to do the opposite.  Is there a way to just use Filemaker to push the data to MySQL?


Are there any other good options to this that I simply have not tried or thought of?