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Web publishing possible in my version?

Question asked by JasonPierce on Apr 17, 2012
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Web publishing possible in my version?

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I am a little confused as to wether or not web publishing is possible in my version of Filemaker Server. We are using Filemaker Server 11, not Advanced. I have read that I need Advanced to publish, but my admin console and initial installation offered options for installing components for Web Publishing.


On the Databases overview window in the Admin Console, I'm showing checkmarks in the IWP column. In the wizard for Edit Server Deployment, it allowed me to go through all the steps to set up Web Publishing. The wizard had an error near the end that it couldn't configure IIS. That's because I don't have IIS running.


Before I set up IIS, I would like to confirm wether this will be possible here.


Thank you for your assistance,

Jason Pierce