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Web Publishing Server PHP Test Page Blank

Question asked by emirii on Jul 24, 2014
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Web Publishing Server PHP Test Page Blank

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     Hello, I am having trouble getting a site built with FM Server. I have purchased the Dev subscription and I am familiar with Linux (and WAMP) based web servers, but not IIS, so I could be missing something here.

     This is my 3rd clean install, and each time the "Test PHP Page" has worked, but then stopped working any time I would try to add my own files (in various folders, as its not clear what is the web "root" for localhost port 80). Every time I try to poke around and find the correct place to put my files the test page would stop working and display a blank page. Even on a fresh install if i visited "localhost" or my network IP it would not work (blank page) even when the Test PHP Page was working.

     I've tried editing the test page its self, putting it into the inetpub/ wwwroot directroy (I realized that this one was not being used as it was "Disabled" in IIS)

     I've tried putting it in the FM Server folder under the HTTPservices directroy, and even https://localhost/fmi-test/ but I can't get it to work at all, all blank pages.



     If you could give me some guidance it would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get started on the API. Thank you.


     Using stock single server settings for Filemaker Server 13 Latest Version

     Using tutorial database that is shipped with Filemaker Server

     All tests passed, web server currently running with PHP and XML both enabled (all green light)

     Windows 7 - 64bit

     Intel Core i5 3330 3GHz, 8GB RAM