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Web publishing/FM server 8 issues

Question asked by BarbaraLavoine on Nov 23, 2010


Web publishing/FM server 8 issues

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Not sure why this is happening, but I am having 2 issues with our FM server. 

The first issue.  We can no longer open databases in IE.  We get internet explorer cannot display the webpage.  If I run an IE diag I get the following error -  "the device or resource is not setup to accept connections on port the world wide web service http"

The second issue is on the server itself.  When I attempt to log into the server admin console I get the same error so i am not able to login and check the settings.  When I click for more info I get res://ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm# in the address bar of the URL. 

We are running MS server 2003 with all service packs.  It is filemaker server 8 with the web publishing add on. 

Any ideas, or files to check would be appreciated.