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      Web Server

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      Hi Guys i am new to Filemaker Server . i want to install Filemaker Server 11 advance on my macmini 10.6.3 machine

      while its installing it ask me to select the web server. default option was apachi,


      then i select that option and press next, then it says its not responding  the web server.


      i enable the option from System preferences ---> Sharing ----> web sharing

      and i tried downloading Xamp also. But still i get this error message



      any way to win the game ?






      thanksin Advance





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          can some body help me .......

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            Go to 'http://localhost/' and if you get a message saying "It works!" then your webserver is mostly good.


            If so...


            Try replacing 'localhost' with ''.


            Failing that restart apache from the command line with

            'sudo apachectl -k restart'


            Then see if it works.


            If that doesn't work, try disconnecting from the interweb (Either turn airport off or unplugging your cable and restarting the OS) and give the setup another try.


            If none of those work check the apache .conf file (/etc/apache2/httpd.conf) and see if everything is in order


            If you can't access your web server via the first address (Or the ones given in the Web Sharing screen in the system preferences) let me know.

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              Something to check... according to FMSA 11 documentation:


              " If your server computer has a firewall, open the necessary ports in the firewall so that FileMaker Server can communicate with users and administrators:
              Required on all deployments: 5003, 16000, and 16001.

              Additionally required for web publishing: 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS).
              Ports 5013, 16004, 16006, 16008, 16010, 16012, 16014, 16016, 16018, and 50003 must be available on the machine, but not open in the firewall. For more information, see “One-machine deployment” on page 22."


              This comes from the "fms11_getting_started_en.pdf" documentation file.

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                hi guys ,

                thanks for the support, i found the Problem,  the problem was  FileMaker  Server not compatible with Xamp, its only compatible with os apache server. in my case it was my  apache configuration was goes banana,



                i reinstalled my system , now everything is perfect,



                thanks for  your time