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    Web Server FileMaker details



      Web Server FileMaker details

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      I have been looking through the FMS 11 Adv documentation for a more detailed description of the exact file level settings/changes that occur when you submit after the Deployment Assistant settings.

      I am working on some future plans for re-organizing some of our websites.  It seems obvious that the Deployment Assistant must push files or file changes to the web server machine.  Is there a document that explains in detail, what those changes are?



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          Nobody has anything to say on this subject?  Did I enter the post incorrectly, wrong catagory maybe?


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            Thank you for your posts.  You did post correctly.

            During deployment, several files are created and updated.  Currently, this deployment information is confidential and not available to the public.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Forgive me, but my first reaction to this comment was,  Really!

              Every year or so the management of our company asks me if FileMaker is appropriate in our Enterprise system.  For more than 10 years I have assured them that the product has a role, quick development and access to other systems.  I have continually assured them that the FileMaker products are keeping pace with our other systems.

              To ensure that our system is robust and reliable my team needs to know what every sub-system is doing and its impact on any other component.  In over 20 years of designing and maintaining enterprise level systems and networks, asking simiilar questions of vendors such as IBM and Oracle, I have never been told that where they put files and how those files work is "confidential and not available to the public."

              To ensure that we both properly implement FileMaker components and we do not interfere with other system components we expect to be able find out what each system does.  In todays small, medium, and large business, reliable systems depend on the support staff knowing how their system works.

              We do understand and respect that vendors need to protect their property, however, this can be taken too far.  We do not want proprietary info, but the more we know the better use we can make of your products.

              Thanks for letting me comment and I hope this gets passed up to those that can consider our problem.

              Doug MacPherson

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                interesting for me,thanks