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Web Viewer from fmnet connection

Question asked by on May 30, 2012
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Web Viewer from fmnet connection

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I have several people connecting to a database that need to see (but not edit or download) jpeg images.  The images are stored by reference on a computer acting as a FM11 Server.  We have eliminated:

1. Embed images in Filemaker -  Over 40,000 files not practical

2. 360Works Super Container - It is a small animal rescue non-profit group. Not possible to fund.

3. Upgrade to FM12?  I am not sure it would even work but again we cannot afford the cost.

4.  Display images using a web viewer container.  Is this possible?  User connect now with something like fmnet:/   Any attempts I have made to create a URL where the folder containing the images (remember 40K) resides within a folder holding the main database file have been in vain.  Do I need the ip address in the URL to view the file remotely?  A simple url like this does not work


 "imagewin:///MYSERVER-PC/MyServer/Desktop/My Database/Scan 35K/35584-Registration.jpg"


Is this even possible.  I have spent most of today searching the form and internet for a solution (remember funding not possible) and can find nothing.