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WebDirect branding, how much of FileMaker is visible?

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Mar 5, 2015
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WebDirect branding, how much of FileMaker is visible?

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Hi everyone quick question if I use FM Server and WebDirect.  Looking at making a database for a client that would only use WebDirect.  Right now I'm using a hosted provider where it's $39 a month for shared hosting etc.  It works but for the final deployment it will be on a dedicated server.  Here's the problem I have though and I'm just wondering if this can be solved when I have the dedicated server and FM Server etc:

- With the host today it is shared with others.  They allow a custom domain to point to your database, however it just does forwarding.  So if I go to, it just then changes it to etc which is not really ideal.  Am I able to use WebDirect with my own domain and have it always show my domain in the address bar and not our hosting provider?  

- Second issue is when you log in to our hosting provider, it then takes you to the select WebDirect database screen where it says FileMaker in big, and then lists my 2 databases.  Can I remove this or customize this so it doesn't say FIleMaker in huge and is my own branding etc?

I don't care if people know it's FileMaker but the client needs everything custom branded which I agree would look better.  I saw you can customize the home page for WebDirect just didn't really see any examples of what exactly it does or could look like.  My ideal would be going to and having a custom welcome/login page where they enter the username/password and it immediately goes into the database.